Complete CAPSTONE Discussion Help

  1. Explain the role that Chapter 3 (Example Methodologies Ch. 3)  plays in the research proposal.
  2. Go back to Chapter 1 Assignment that you wrote in Week 3 and carefully examine your research questions. After doing so list the categories and characteristics of the data that you think you need to collect in order to answer the research questions. List the data needed for the primary and all the sub-questions.
  3. Discuss how you are going to collect the data you identified above. Survey? Interviews (phone, face-to-face, focus group)? Records (what records, containing what data)?
  4. Why is it important, if you are doing interviews to include scaled questions (1-to-5, for example) in the interview?
  5. Do you think you need permission to collect your data and are you certain that you will be able to get permission when the time comes to actually collect it?
  6. What limitations do you think will exist in your study? It is important to self-disclose any weaknesses so think about your study and list potential limitations that will impact the usability of the final results.
  7. Review the examples of Chapter 3 (see Individual Proposal section on the BlackBoard menu) and identify which of the examples most closely parallels the one you will use for your individual research project. Explain why you think your selection closely parallels what you plan to do. 

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