Complete Communications Discussion UNDERLINED CLAIM Assignment Homework Help

This is the course where you make a UNDERLINED CLAIM as the discussion post. Please be sure to incorporate some of the sources below.

Voice, as it is used here, means that people have a right to speak, to give input, to not be “muted.”  To some extent if one isn’t allowed a voice, then one isn’t really present or important. This bears on such organizational communication issues as decision making, participation, offering opinions, speaking one’s mind, etc.  In the exam, analyze one of the worst or best occasions of voice in an organization that you have been party to.  As there is the one “reading,” try to get three diverse citations out of the text, along with the citation from the lecture notes and then the outside source.

Young, K.S., Wood, J.T., Phillips, G.M. & Pederson, D.J. (2007). Group discussion: A practical guide to participation and leadership (4th ed.). Long Grove, IL: Waveland.

PP. 87-182

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