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Healthcare Technology and Financing

Read chapters 5 and 6. Answer the questions in your own words (typing sentences directly from your text will not be accepted) and paste your answers in the drop box or upload your word document. Substantive answers are necessary to receive full points for the assignment.

Cite at least 1 external reference (in APA format) in your answers.

  1. Define each of four main areas of IT healthcare system applications.
  2. Summarize the impact of medical technology in each of the following areas and give examples:
    • quality of care
    • quality of life
    • healthcare costs
    • access to healthcare
    • structure & processes of healthcare delivery
    • global medical practice.
  3. Describe each type of private insurance listed in your text including Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP.
  4. Describe each type of reimbursement method listed in chapter 6. (Fee for Service, Package Pricing, Resource-Based Relative Value Scale, Reimbursement Under Managed Care, From Retrospective to Prospective Reimbursement)


Hello Everyone,

   My Sister recently underwent surgery a week ago, and she has a insurance company called Mertain Health a company owned by Aetna Healthcare.  Her out of pocket costs was only fifty five dollars, and the insurance paid the rest, which is about 80%. She is very pleased with her current insurance company and the outcome of the way everything went as far as her surgery and the billing. The insurance experience for her went well with no surprise charges on her bill.


The positive of medicare is all medicine is paid for, doctor visits, and patients can be 500 miles away and still get full coverage with there insurance. It even fix payments to provider and limits payments to the hospital. Negative things are don’t cover everything and technology diffusion. Yes they do uses everything correctly they pay 80% i think and you pay the rest it is 120 dollars. I have a grandmother that pays this she likes it so far cause it pays for her medicine she only have to pay just a little for example like 2.00 dollars. It pays for some of her doctor bill and hospital bills i think that is great at some point.

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