Complete Simple Computer App And Student Success Discussions Communications Homework Help


WEEK 2: In your opinion, what is the best practice for organizing files within your computer?

WEEK 3: In your opinion, what type of professional tasks can a word processing document (Word or Libre’s Writer) be used to accomplish.

WEEK 4: In your opinion, what types of information would lend itself to being entered in a Microsoft Word or Libre Writer table? If appropriate, sources from the internet should be used and cited as a reference in the initial discussion post. 

WEEK 5:Perform research on the internet to find best practices or tips when creating and/or presenting a PowerPoint or LibreImpress presentation. In your discussion post, describe TWO of the best practices or tips you found and how to implement them into your presentations or why you think the tips are important.


WEEK 3: Describe one or two ways you can have better time management skills, even with the busy life you lead. Please post your response below.  Remember to post to at least two fellow students as well.

WEEK 5:Pick the three you think will find most helpful and discuss why you find them useful. Please post your response below.

  • Budgetyour time

  • Takenotes, look for hints

  • Askinstructor to specify test contents

  • Attendthe class before the test

  • Besure to review before the test

  • WEEK 6: How can rubrics help you better understand your assignments and discussions? What other resources can you use to guide you in the right direction? (hint: the readings tell you some of them, but there are plenty of other resources).

  • Improves your performance by clearly showing you how your work will be evaluated and what is expected of you.

  • Helps you to become a better judge of the quality of your own work.
  • Allows the instructor’s assessment to be more objective and consistent for all students.
  • Allows the instructor a place to clarify criteria in specific terms and offer more useful feedback.

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