Computer Crime And The Demise Of Barings Bank Computer Science Homework Help

Work has to be original, no plagiarism.Paper should be 1.5 pages single space in length with document and citationformatting per APA Requirements.

Click Computer Crime and the Demise of Barings Bank.pdf (seeattachment) to view a case study.

Do a general search forinformation on the recent fiasco at Société Générale where Jerome Kerviel didsomething very similar to Nick Leeson.

In the essay, answer the following questionsbased on these two events: 

1. What governancepractices could have prevented the demise of Barings Bank? Could the samepractices have helped in the Société Générale scandal?

2. What kind oftechnical, formal and informal controls would have helped Barings Bank developa secure organization?  Were those controls in place at Société Générale?

Essay should be 1.5 pages in length single space and bewell-written, should incorporate at least 2 academic sources in addition to thecase study, and in conformity with APA requirements.

Paper should be 1.5 pages single space in length with documentand citation formatting per APA Requirements.

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