Connecting Your Learning Law Homework Help (1)

Connecting Your Learning                                                                                               c10a


Prepare a 4- to 6-page paper (1–1.5 pagesper competency for Competencies 1 through 4), focused on the coursecompetencies and address two key areas of learning for each competency.  This paper should showcase your learningproficiency and describe the importance of your learning relative toapplication in a career context.

Competencies Addressed in This Assignment

· Competency 1: Examine criminal law andprocedure.

· Competency 2: Articulate the historicaldevelopment of criminal law.

· Competency 3: Distinguish between legaland social parameters in criminal law.

· Competency 4: Analyze the elements of acrime.


· Required pagecount: 4–6, not including the title page orthe references page.

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