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Public relations is an art and social science that links the outside and inside of an organization together. It draws the purpose of an organization by exercising transparency, accountability to protect the image of an organization.  This report seeks to examine the media activities implemented during the launch and activation of Valentine’s campaign dinner at Greggs. It offers an in-depth analysis of the communication strategies, advertising tactics, and public relations tools incorporated in optimizing the affairs of the campaign.

Overview of the relevant publics for the campaign

Communication, advertising, and cooperation is a vital artery and at the heart of every public relations campaign. Greggs leveraged the expertise and influence of Taylor Herring, an award-winning agency in London, to optimize effective communication and advertising strategies to reach the potential market. With its well-integrated breed of creatives,  innovative tools, and systems, the agency played a significant role in the making and launching of the campaign. Greggs also partnered with restaurant open site booking service. The use of technology and online service to place reservations communicate repositioned the brand in the e-commerce market.  Communication is a central duty of public relations, the partnership with open site aided in reaching the potential market with ease.  Anchored on robust and editorial stories and essential social media content  Greggs included powerful influencers in the market to spark the imagination of the target market, drive action with long-lasting impressions of the products.

PR techniques used in the campaign for the key publics

One of the significant PR technique implemented during this campaign is the partnership with Radio1, The Guardian, and The Independent. Gregg closely worked with the local media by printing out press statements, and millions of information units inform of videos and landing pages that aired everywhere from ITV to radio1. In a bid to cut costs, the company also facilitated in house advertising through their various business outlets. The company provided coverage of aspects of Valentine’s dinner. They produced fine-tuned details about the recipes, select locations accompaniment that would be served akin to the traditional setup of most restaurants. The use of videos and pictures created a massive presence on social media and influenced action. During the period leading to the activation, Taylor Herring was able to project the conversion rates using of google analytics.

In the recent past, seasonal campaigns have been branded effective strategies to tap into new markets and create a long-lasting impression on minimal costs over a relatively short period if properly executed. The firm must align the message to the product as well as listen to their PR agency to ensure proper takeoff of the campaign. Greggs, with the aid of Taylor Herring broadcasted a  few stunts and gimmicks on ITV and Radio1.

Traditional media relations techniques

Traditional media encompasses a  wide range of media relations techniques that have been used for decades.  The concurrent use of television broadcast, radio, and affiliated media relations maximizes market penetration (Khajeheian, and Mirahmadi, 2015,p. 80). Greggs worked with Radio1 to inform, advertise, and optimize the masses about the one of a lifetime Valentine dinner at their local retailer.Radio1 was an appropriate platform as it is a household radio station in  London  that interacts with masses. As a result, airing the campaign in the radio stations captured the attention and imagination of the audience prompting action.  On the other hand, Greggs partnered   with ITV to broadcast the campaign in UK. Broadcast Television entails the deployment of editorial ideas, videos, and images to tell a brand’s story. TV broadcast reaches a broad net of consumers as the visual presentation aids the imagination and invokes the client’s curiosity and influences a buyer’s behavior.

Campaign planning models and theory

There are numerous models and frameworks aid in the design and planning of campaigns. One of the standard models employed by most organizations is the logic model. This model serves as a tool to conduct evaluations, share information, and facilitate program planning. The campaign is also anchored on the behavioral change and communication theories to project future behavior and performance of the campaign. On the social marketing aspect of the campaign, the firm relies on the advertising campaign model to help describe the design of the adverts. In a conventional business setting, the most suitable model to ensure the successful planning and implementation of a campaign is the logic model. According to Huhman,  Heitzler, and Wong , (2004, p.1) a  logic model is a true and tried model that incorporates the elements of a program that show how the planners thinks about the campaign. The logic model is an essential tool to engage stakeholders, creative agencies, and marketers in the running and operation of the program. This model evaluates all the elements of the project, assumptions, and the overall goal of the campaign. As a road map for planning, evaluation, and message development, the model can adequately launch and define any campaign(Huhman,  Heitzler, and Wong , 2004, p. 1).

Digital media availaible for public relations campaign

In the recent past, digital media has dramatically revolutionized the PR industry. With everyone using smartphones, digital media has gradually gained popularity and overtaken the public relation space in the last decade. Digital channels have become an effective platform to advertise new products and services in the market(Allagui and Breslow 2016, p. 21). Social media has an innovative content creation and sharing techniques that capture the attention of the target audience.  If a brand uses these techniques, it maintains a competitive edge in the market, spikes conversion rates, and sustains the reputable image. Another form of digital media for public relations campaign is targeted ads,  a popular form of advertisements that interlinks consumers with products and services in their recent search history. The use of targeted ads provides insights and knowledge of consumer preferences and tailors them to suit potential clients.

News release.

We all savor a  sumptuous meal over a candlelight dinner—a moment when love blossoms romance. Well, for the very first time this year, Greggs is partnering with Open site to provide romantic candlelight dinner. The menu will be a special course meal with tantalizing Gregg’s favorite, accompanied by a bottle of Prosecco. Five select branches will be decorated and transformed into restaurants to bring forth a romantic atmosphere for all the lovebirds.


For the very first time, this valentine dines and wine at the comfort of your local Greggs. Enjoy sumptuous meal accompanied by a bottle of Prosecco. Hop onto open restaurant site to place a reservation for one in light time valentine dinner with a twist of Gregg’s foods.

We look forward to seeing you there!


A perfect seasonal public relations campaign

To celebrate this year’s valentines, Greggs is inviting all fans and lovebirds to a fun-filled dinner. The company will transform five outlets into restaurants that serve the lovebirds to a hearty four-course meal.  The menu of the day is a perfect combination of Griggs’s unique “go-top’s” with a  special valentine twist. The outlets will be decorated with roses, candles, lighting, music, candelabras, and white linen table cloths to set a romantic mood. Greggs has partnered with Restaurant open site to allow convenient and easy booking and table reservations. Also, to stay classy, Gregg’s waiters will be serving “loved-up diners” at their tables.

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