Create A Manual For New Employees To Introduce The Basic Concepts Of Risk And Quality Management

Imagine you are a quality leader for a health careorganization and have been asked to create a manual for new employees tointroduce the basic concepts of risk and quality management. Part I: Writea 1,750- to 2,100-word manual in which you address the following: Explain basic concepts of qualityimprovement in the health care industry. Explainthe concepts of risk management in the health care industry. Analyze the information needed fordecision-making processes in risk and quality management in the health careindustry. Explain challenges inmaking risk- and quality-management decisions in the health care industry. PartII: Within your manual, you must include a matrix in which you do thefollowing: Analyze the risk-andquality management tools used in the health care industry. Consider the following when completing your matrix: What is the risk– andquality-management tool? What is thepurpose of the tool? What are theadvantages and disadvantages of the tool selected? To assist you with thedevelopment of your matrix use the Risk and Quality ManagementTools Matrix located under student materials.  The matrix must be embeddedwithin your training manual. Format your manual according toAPA guidelines. Cite at least 4 peer-reviewed, scholarly, orsimilar references. Attach is the matrix tool

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