Create A New Project In Android Studio Computer Science Homework Help

  1. Create a new project in Android Studio.
  2. When the Create New Project window appears, name your application as follows:  <YourLastName>Week4App
  3. In the Target Android Devices window, use the defaults (click Next)
  4. In the Add an activity to Mobile window, select Blank Activity (click Next)
  5. In the Customize the Activity window, use the defaults (click Finish)
  6. Complete all sections of the Android Developers Training site Adding the App Bar tutorial using your new project
  7. Edit the Gradle Scripts/build.grade (Module: app) file by changing the minSdkVersion to 21
  8. You will be prompted to do a Project sync; click the “Sync Now” link
  9. Open the Gradle Console (bottom right)
  10. After the sync completes (you’ll see ‘Build Successful’ in Gradle Console), select Build/Rebuild
  11. Select Run/Run ‘app’ to test your application
  12. After you have completed the tutorials, find the main project folderapp subfolder
  13. Make a new folder and in the new folder and
    1. Name the folder for your last name and assignment
    2. Add the src folder from your project
    3. Add the buildoutputsapkapp-debug.apk file (this is your project executable file)
    4. Zip the folder
  14. Attach the zip file to this assignment’s link

here last name is kota

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