Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

  • Research Activity 2

Use the Strayer Library and the Internet to research how to make an authoritative, but concise, PowerPoint presentation.

  • Why is important that you know how to create an effective presentation?
  • What common mistakes do people make when presenting information to a group?
  • What tips did you learn about effective PowerPoint presentations?

Submit a response not to exceed 250 words.

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Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation


Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation


Presentations are a great way to speak directly to people, gather new ideas, and network. Whether you are presenting to a group of friends or researchers knowing how to present your work is vital effectively. Foundational Knowledge in creating effective presentations allows one to become emotionally invested in the subject. By doing so you can be honest with the audience about the topic and why it matters. An insight into creating effective presentations enables you to prepare presentations bearing in mind the objective. Also, one can concentrate on the core message of the presentation during planning, thus creates a concise, straightforward presentation to communicate the critical message.

One of the most common mistakes during the presentation include failing to show emotion or passion. When you state facts without adding emotional texture, the audience becomes disengaged and unresponsive. Another mistake people make is exceeding the allotted time for the presentation. Going over your time limit bores the audience, and they become inattentive. Next is the use of jargon and highly technical language (Nancy, 2012). A presenter may use words familiar to experts in his/her field of study but incomprehensible by the target audience. Some presenters also cram the PowerPoint slides and end up reading along with the entire performance.

After this research I learned that it is essential to open a presentation with a story or joke that resonates with your audience to add emotional texture.  Also, ensure your notes field is hidden from the audience’s view only project slides that reinforce the message.



Nancy, D. (2012, December 12). Five Presentation Mistakes Everyone Makes. Retrieved January 21, 2020, from Harvard Business Review:



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