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This case is located in the book on page 235 in the textbook.

This case takes a “horizontal” slice through a number of coexistentissues . As a result, the challenge is “knowing where to start” – justas it is in real organizations – and this requires detective work.(Appendix B) is attached for you to sort out the the key actors andtheir relationship.  

A great way to approach this is to brainstorm the issues and challenges that are present in the case. Thenpresent the “IT” versus the “business” perspective- sort the case issuesinto two groups. Sorting issues into these two groups is valuable as ithelps see how different organizational groups can see the same problemsdifferently. Differences are important because the solution set is aderivative of the problem set.

Exploring the IT Perspective

Inorder to understand why the Customer Contacts system holds inaccurateinformation, it is necessary to identify each of the four key systems atMinitrex. In particular, please identify the flow of information amongthese systems.  

Explain each one.

  • The Customer Contacts System
  • The Management Business Center System
  • The Credit Administration System
  • The General Management System

Figure1 is  showing the flow of information among the key systems and linesof business. Please  explain these information flows during the regularday-to-day conduct of business at Minitrex. That is, track a newInsurance sale and then track an online Financing customer order. Thisis  done so that  you  understand how and where critical informationoriginates, gets shared, and is acted upon by others.( This is somethingfor you to do to enhance your understanding. This portion do not needto be submitted as an assignment.

Discussion Questions:  

Explain how it is possible for someone at Minitrex to call a customerand not know (a) that this is a customer and (b) that this is the thirdtime this week that they had been called?

Outlinethe steps that Bettman must take in order to implement CRM at Minitrex.In your plan, be sure to include people, processes, and technology


To submit the assignment, simply CLICK the active link at the very top entitled CRM at Minitex.

Pleasefollow this rubric for the writing assignment worth 55 points total.Criteria to meet: Organization – strive for well developed paragraphs,smooth transitions between paragraphs, ideas focused on a central theme.Development – strive for Ideas focused on a central theme, all ideasare clearly presented. Conventions – strive for no errors in sentencestructure (capitalization, grammar, presentation and general structure.)APA Style – strive for correct cover page, in text citations, formatand reference page have no errors.

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