Cybersecurity Challenges In Cyberspace Writing Homework Help

How can we improve global cooperation to respond to cybersecurity challengesin cyberspace?

Case Scenario:

For this case study, you are asked to (a) read theInternational Chamber of Commerce’s Cybersecurity Guide for Business and (b) watchthree scenario segments from the “Scenario Based Planning” session at the 2015Global Conference on Cyber Space. After you have done so, develop your answer tothe question: How can we improve global cooperation in response to cybersecurity challengesin cyberspace?

Your audience for this case study is a panel session ata conference attended primarily by industry representatives from U.S.companies. Your task is to prepare a two to three page white paper whichsummarizes your response to the question. [This paper would be provided tosession attendees in advance of the panel discussion.]


1. Watch the ScenarioBased Planning video from the 2015 Global Conference on Cyber Space

a. Start of Session is at 5:05:00 on Live StreamChannel #1 (or click on “Scenario Based Planning” menu item in lower left handcorner of video at startup).

b. The three “scenario videos” (approx. 6 minseach) occur at the following times in the livestream channel recording:

 i. 5:11:00 – 5:17:30

 ii. 5:35:30 – 5:41:30

 iii. 6:05:30 – 6:12:10

c. End of Session is at 6:28:00

2. Review the recommendations from theInternational Chamber of Commerce CybersecurityGuide for Business

3.  Findthree or more additional sources to support your answer to the case question.


Using standard terminology(see case study #1), write a two to three page response to the panel question.At a minimum, your summary must include the following:

1.  Anintroduction which addresses the reasons why cooperation on a global basis isrequired to address cybersecurity challenges. This introduction should focus onpolitical, economic, and social factors.

2.  Aseparate section in which you discuss the businessneed for cooperation on a global basis. This discussion should include examplesof global, multinational business which operate in cyberspace and thecybersecurity challenges each business faces. Use the “global” companies fromthe Industry Profile Project as your examples. These companies include: Amazon,Apple, eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Oracle Corp., Priceline, Salesforce, Twitter,and Yahoo.

3.  Aseparate section in which you identify and discuss three or more specificcooperative efforts (e.g. alliances, associations, public/private partnerships)which currently exist. These may be industry specific, national, orinternational efforts.

4.  Aclosing section (“Recommendations”) in which you identify, discuss, andrecommend three or more specific actions which global businesses as a whole cantake to improve cooperation within and across industries for the purposes ofaddressing the cybersecurity challenges which you previously identified. Thissection should provide an overall answer to the general question: Howcan we improve global cooperation in response to cybersecurity challenges incyberspace?

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