Cybersecurity Is Another Major Research Concern Of Homeland Security Assignment Help

Hello. Sorry for the short notice. Could you please assist me with this assignment?

With this assignment, all I have to do is identify the topic I choose to do my term paper on and provide the findings with APA references.

  • Term Paper: Your final will consist of a 5-6 page paper for this course. Students will select from a range of topics provided by the instructor. The topics will consist of a broad category within the Information Security field.
  • Submit your findings with APA references.

I have chosen the topic: Cybersecurity

  • Cybersecurity is another majorresearch concern of homeland security. Given the potential forcyber-terrorism and the increased dependence on computers and the Internetfor modern business, an act of sabotage against the nation’s networkinfrastructure could prove devastating. Areas of concern noted by theDepartment of Homeland Security include combating malware and botnets,combating threats within the U.S., usable security, attack attribution andsituational understanding, systems evaluation, and the survivability oftime-sensitive threats.

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