Data Warehousing Supports Corporate Strategy At First American Corporation Assignment Help

1.  Choose any TWO of thefollowing:

A.  Contrast the terms,data and information.Provide two examples of dataand information from your own experiences (e.g. work, school, etc.).

B.  Read the articletitled:  Data Warehousing Supports Corporate Strategy at First AmericanCorporation. (This is attached to these assignments.)  Answerthe following questions:

· What were the drivers for theDW/BI project in the company?

· What strategic advantages wererealized? 

· What operational and tacticaladvantages were achieved?

· What were the critical successfactors (CSF) for the implementation?

C.Consider the four forces driving BI described in the BI PPTpresentation. Find an article that discusses one or more of these drivingforces.Summarize the article anddiscuss how it is a driving force for BI.

2.  Read the case of Mountain ViewCommunity Hospital at the end of Chapter 1 on page 48 and complete CaseExercise #1 on p. 51.

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