Decision Making Model Writing Homework Help

 I am trying to make a case study on Ethics Case Study for Academic Professionals  from the paper that I am writing  need it done by Tuesday  could you help me  here what I need to finish

  1. INTRODUCTION: Identify and describe the ethical dilemma or moral issue (not more than 125 words).
  2. BACKGROUND: Provide any pertinent background information, including history of the problem in context, connection to other dilemmas in that workplace, or relationships that dictate constraints on, or opportunities for resolving the dilemma.
  3. QUOTES: Provide two quotes from this week’s readings that would illuminate the issue.
  4. QUESTIONS: Provide at least two questions that need to be answered in order to address the dilemma.
  5. DECISION: Do some brief research and provide a description of a decision-making model that can be used effectively in the resolution process. Provide a hyperlink to a source for this decision model.

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