Defend The Rebuttal Your Classmates Presented Against The Claims They Are Defending Discussion Question


This last discussion question focuses on your argument construction assignment, and is designed to help you prepare for the final installment of that assignment — defending a position contrary to the one you defended in the last two assignments. For this discussion, however, you are still defending your original position. Your classmates are going to help you think about how to defend the opposite position.

So for your original post you are to give a summary of your Argument Construction Assignment 2, which you turned in last week.

  • Give the claim you defended in your paper.
  • Give a summary of the argument you presented for that claim. Make sure to note all key items of evidence you used and how that evidence works together to defend the claim.
  • Give a summary of the rebuttal you presented in the last section of your paper, and a summary of why you do not find the rebuttal persuasive.

NOTE: Citations and Reference lists are not necessary for these original posts.


  • Defend the rebuttal your classmates presented against the claims they are defending. Try to put together a good argument that the rebuttal position is the correct one.
  • In other words, challenge your classmates; question the success of their arguments; give them challenging ways to think about the opposite position. 
  • Please put a lot of thought into these replies. Any quality responses you can come up with will help your classmates in their final papers for this week. (Remember — they’ll be working hard to help you out!)

NOTE: If you use outside sources in replying to your classmates, these do need to be cited as an aid to your classmate. Just list the reference(s) at the end of your post (APA formatting will NOT be graded! 🙂 ). In-text citations are not necessary.

It is not necessary to respond to the reply posts to your original post. However you are free and encouraged to do so. Try to get as much conversation in as possible on the issues. All the effort you put into this discussion will benefit you and your classmates in preparing your final paper and in sharpening your critical thinking skills as much as possible in the final hours of this class.

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