Describe And Outline How Humans View Of And Relationship With Nature Has Changed Through Our History Beginning With The Prehistoric Era To Present Questions Help

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NOTE: The below questions contain what you have to include in your answer. DO NOT MISS ANYTHING.

NOTE: Each answer has to be very precise and detail. (It doesn’t mean that you are required to write long sentences)

NOTE: Lecture is available here :

            The attached file is subtitle for this lecture, BUT IT MAY NOT CONTAINS ALL MATERIALS  covered in the lecture. Thus, please look both video lecture, and subtitle very concisely.


1) Describe and outline how humans view of and relationship with nature has changed through our history beginning with the prehistoric era to present.

2) List at least 3 artists or writers who were the early voices of conservation during the turn of the century when conservation was the furthest concept from the consciousness of the general public.

3) Of the four contemporary artists talked about in the lecture, describe one artist who you particularly liked and was drawn to. Google their names and images and view more of their work and write a summary of their inspiration.

4) Pick one of Andy Goldsworthy’s installations describe it, the materials used, is it ephemeral or permanent and give your impressions of why you chose that particular piece and any meaning it may have for you.

5) Review the subjects discussed over the course of this quarter and choose a unit that you found particularly interesting and timely. Describe the unit and what was the most important lessons learned and why you chose it.

EXTRA CREDIT: View Andy Goldsworthy’s documentary, Rivers and Tides. It is a beautiful visual record of his process and the different materials he works with. It is really worth watching. Write your impressions of his work and the conditions he puts himself under to create his fascinating and beautiful installations. You can add the word file onto this submission posting.

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