Describe Or List What You Want To Achieve Through The Internship Journal Entry Business And Finance Homework Help

Internship Proposal: In a page or less, describe or list what youwant to achieve through the internship. This can include technical skills(e.g., computer applications, accounting), communication skills (e.g.,presentations, writing), and interpersonal skills (e.g., teamwork, leadership, networking).

Five Journal Entries: You will complete 5 journals/ reflective papers on thefollowing topics. Be sure to include your name, the business, journal entrynumber, and date. You will submit five entries with approximate length of1.25-1.5 pages.

Journal 1: Describe the companyyou are interning for and what it does. Tell about your first impression of thecompany, your position, your manager/coworkers etc. Describe what your dailytasks are and what skills are required to complete these tasks.

Journal 2: What ethicalchallenges or forces are at play in the company, the industry, your departmentand your position? Describe how the company communicates the importance ofethical behavior. How is the company a “good corporate citizen?”

Journal 3: Reflective Journal: Tellme what assignments or projects you worked on this week. What is the importanceof those to the company/ organization? What did you learn? What skills orcourse knowledge did you use?

Journal 4: Describe theorganizational structure of your company/organization. How does communicationflow throughout the organization? What are the prime methods of communicatingand what pros/cons do you see with these communication methods? How couldcommunication be improved between you and your supervisor and throughout theentire organization?

Journal 5: What challenges/conflicts have you faced in the internship? Discuss challenging tasks, people,projects, concepts, etc. How have you overcome these challenge/ conflicts?

This is meant mainly to helpyou record detailed information, while it’s still fresh in your mind, to morefully support your other assignments. To assure that this component has been fulfilled, you willneed to submit it via Blackboard to Ms. Sethlyn Morgan.

A score of zero will begiven to any late assignment, no exceptions.

On page or so is required for each part to make it about 1800 words. Make sure the work is plag free.

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