Design A Company Web Page Sociology Homework Help

Question 1

Project Scope

You have been asked to:

  • Design a company web page, or
  • Organise a 21st birthday party for an important friend, or
  • Build a garden shed
  • You can make up a project of your own, of similar complexity

Please choose ONE of the above projects to manage.

Using the template provided, create a Scope Statement for your project, taking care to enter information in ALL fields (unless otherwise instructed). Write 200 – 300 words in your scope statement, then upload it for others to read. The instructions for completing the Scope Statement are at the end of the template.

Compare your Scope Statement with at least 2 other classmates.

Question 2

Risk Treatment Examples

For each of the following risk treatments, give an example

Eg, an example of “transference” could be to outsource one of the complicated project deliverables to a company that has more experience in this area (but don’t use the example, think of your own).

  • · Avoidance
  • · Mitigation
  • · Transference
  • · Acceptance

Question 3

Identify a Project that you will be working on

Work with your supervisor at your Host Company, to identify a project that you can produce a risk management plan for in weeks 7 and 8.

It does not have to be big, just as long as it is a defined piece of work that you can plan, investigate, develop and deliver in your time at the workplace.

It can’t be routine, everyday work, such as working on help desk, assembling PC’s, fixing bugs in programs, and so it.


Developing an online recording system, a help desk library tool, an online in and out book, a large website enhancement (one that will require a number of weeks), in fact anything that will produce a unique product, service or result.

Discuss this with your supervisor. Almost certainly s/he will have been though this with other students before and will know what you are looking for.

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