Determine How Many People From A Law Office Would Be Involved In Preparing The Case For Court

  1. Go to (Links to an external site.) and click Case Study Materials, then click the link to Case Study #4.
  2. Review the case data presented in the case study file, and . Download an appropriate MS Excel template or set up appropriate column headings to prepare a timesheet of employee hours and wages. Be sure to include a column for hours worked and another for hourly wage.
  3. For each employee, add a formula to calculate pay based on the hourly wage. You can research this information via job postings in your area or the Department of Labor for current information on industry wage standards. Add a formula to calculate the total of all of the wages due to be paid to employees.
  4. For each employee, enter a fictitious number of hours worked in a two-week period, and calculate the payroll for the office.
  5. Use the Chart Wizard in MS Excel to create a graphical representation of the payroll expenses for the office in a two-week period.

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