Development Of A Student Information Management System Computer Science Help

1.  Project that i am working on

a) Project Name:

“Development of a student information management system”

b) The problem it is seeking to solve (or need it is seeking to address)

This system is mainly aimed at promoting an easy way for the students to manage their information. The project is aimed at creating an independent product which does not need to depend on other website for the storage and easy access of student information. This system is seeking to ensure that the problem of regularly having to store student information in books (hard copy) is replaced by an easy and more efficient online method.

c) The product (or service or result) that will be delivered

The product mainly entails an information management system for students where there is an administrator with full-fledged rights concerning the overall management of the information within the stipulated website. Students are able to ensure that .their information is managed well for safekeeping as well as easy retrieval within their various academic activities.

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