Difference Between IT Strategy Tactics And Operations Computer Science Help

1. Pick one of the topics below for your originalpost for the week:

· In your own words,explain the difference between IT Strategy, Tactics, and Operations.  Whyis it important to understand the differences?  Why are plans needed ateach level?  How do these principles apply to IT Management?  Create yourown scenario or analogy to provide examples of each.  In your replies,review the similarities and differences in each level. Is the scenariorealistic? Does it work for all organizations or specific industries? 

· The book provides inpages 108-116 nine principles for IT Strategy and Tactics.  While you needto be familiar with all of them, for your post, you’ll choose two of theprinciples to explain in your own words.  Include an example scenario foreach that demonstrates the principle.  Justify why the principle is importantfor IT Strategy or Tactics.

· Review the supplementalreading material linked above. Pick one of the concepts discussed in thedocuments and explain it in your own words. Include an example of that conceptthat explains it in real-world terms. Provide how it applies in today’scyber-world and how it ties to the IT Strategic or Tactical plans.

Need 2 pages answer with APA format and citations.

2. Chapters 8 through 13 in the Security Strategy book providedifferent tactical concepts that apply to information technology.  Again,even though these are focused on security, each applies to IT.  While youneed to be familiar with all of them, for this assignment you should choose oneto explain in your own words.  Include an example that explains theconcept.  Justify why the principle is important for IT Strategy orTactics. Find at least one additional reference for each one you choose. Rather than providing a paper, you are to create a PowerPoint presentationexplaining the concept.  It should contain 10-15 slides, including a titleslide and a reference slide.  You may include pictures, graphs, figures,or charts to help your discussion of the topic. Your final presentation productshould be professional in format as if you are going to present it to uppermanagement.  Make sure to include your name, class number, andassignment number in your PowerPoint Title slide and give proper attention toformatting, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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