Difference In Filler Word Usage Between Native And Non Native Speakers Writing Help

I need a 12-15 page paper (double spaced) for my Applied Linguistics class. The topic is on the difference in filler word usage between native and non-native speakers. The structure of the paper should be: Abstract, Introduction, Literature review, Methodology, Data Analysis, Discussion, Conclusion. I have already collected my data, and completed the data analysis and literature review section, so you will actually only have to write 5-8 pages. However, I would like my data analysis and literature review section to be further edited as well. I will attach my proposal, data analysis, and literature review for your reference, as well as a more detailed guideline on the structure. I will explain how I conducted my experiment once I accept a tutor so that you will be able to write the methodology section and send you all the articles mentioned as there is a limit to how many documents I can attach. This assignment is really intensive and detailed, so please only accept if you are willing to be really meticulous and communicate with me about what exactly is required for this paper. Thanks!

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