Differentiates Between Psychological Disorders And Abnormal Behavior Psychology Homework Help

Imagine you work for a small clinic that offers counseling. Recently, a large number of people have come in wanting to seek treatment for their depression. In order to address this need, you have been asked to create a brochure that explains major depressive disorder and its treatments.

Create a six-panel brochure which does the following:

  • Differentiates between “psychological disorders” and “abnormal behavior”
  • Describes the classification to which depression belongs
  • Differentiates this classification from other classifications of psychological disorders
  • Describes major depressive disorder and its symptoms
  • Discusses prevalence rates among groups, e.g., by age, gender, profession, etc.
  • Explains treatment options for major depressive disorder, including the pros and cons of each type of therapy

Note: You can use the Brochure Builder to create your brochure and save it as a PDF to submit, or you can create your own brochure using Microsoft® Word or another software. Also, be sure to properly cite any resources you use.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.


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