Discuss 3 Of The Following Annual Reporting Components What Information They Provide And Why They Are Important To Understand

2–3 pages

You have been promoted to a memberof the management team in Krona’s financial department. You have hired a newstaff member who will to assist you in preparing materials for the next Boardof Directors meeting, in which the annual financial reports will be presented.You are required to accomplish the following:

  • Write an e-mail to your new employee explaining thecomponents and the process of creating an annual report. Focus strongly onhow accounting inputs are formulated into financial reports and statementsfor the organization.
  • Discuss 3 of the following annual reporting components,what information they provide, and why they are important to understand:
    • Chairman of the Board Letter
    • Sales and marketing summary
    • 10-year summary of financial figures
    • Management discussion and analysis
    • CPA opinion letter
    • Financial statements (balance sheet, check sales,profits, R&D spending, inventory and debt levels over time)subsidiaries
    • Financial and operating ratios (liquidity, solvency,and profitability)
    • Donors 

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