Discuss The Impact Of Flash And The Cloud On Enterprise Storage Computer Science Help

  • Discussthe impact of flash and ‘the cloud’ on enterprise storage environments asa whole. You should discuss the success factors contrasted with thepitfalls that companies experience when adopting various strategies.Describe the impact to new/existing system designs when alternativesolutions are introduced into the data center (whether onsite, or inthe cloud). Finally, identify key security concerns that must be addressedwith any enterprise level technology.
  • Note:Your paper should address storage technologies issues such assecurity, onsite vs offsite, flash vs spinning media etc.Flash and cloud should be discussed in general but not be the focus ofthis paper. The goal is for you to think beyond where we are today anddiscuss where enterprises are likely headed and that impact. Again, thefocus is on newer technologies impacting today’s business environment.
  • Papershould be at least 3250, but not more than 5000 words.
  • ProperAPA style required.

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