Discussion Board Question 3

  1. Explain the difference between the “hundreds place” and the “hundredths place.” Which one represents a larger value?
  2. Who of the following is correct and why? Would you have made any of these errors?
  3. Sarah says, “0.4 is bigger than 0.72 because tenths are bigger than hundredths.”
  4. Karen says, “0.47 is bigger than 0.5 because 47 is bigger than 5.”
  5. Mike says, “0.72 is bigger than 0.6 because 0.72 has seven tenths and 0.6 has only six tenths and the hundredths does not matter here.”
  6. Explain the purpose for leaving decimal values at the end of a number? Why don’t we just round everything to the nearest whole number to make it easier?
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