Discussion Forum Typology Management Homework Help

This discussion forum has to parts (2 questions): Please read each carefully then answer each in atleast 200-250 words each. You do not need to double space but number the question (ex: question 1 and question 2) 

In part one of this discussion, define what a typology is andexplain how typologies help in our understanding organizational culture.Provide at least two examples of typologies that you observe in theorganization in which you presently work (or a previous organization).

Inpart two of this discussion, using this knowledge as a base, discuss how yourorganization’s culture, which is a childcare organization and how it influences its choice of strategy as well as vision andgoals. Explain the relationship between these and highlight typologies that playan important role.

NoPlagiarism: Use APA format only and provide website references only, if needed

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