Discussion Question Aabot The Things They Carried English Homework Help

Read Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried

Choose ONE of the following five questions, and write a thoughtful, insightful 2-3 paragraph response. Title your post carefully, use supporting quotes from the story.

1) How would you define the point of view in this story? How does it affect the way you interpret the characters and the events that take place?

2) What is the effect of the constant repetition in the story? What details do we learn about each of the characters based on the descriptions of their loads.

3) Cross blames himself for Lavender’s death. Is this belief supported by other details or events in the story? Do you think Cross is to blame? Why or why not?

4) We only see Martha through the eyes of Cross. Does he love her? How do his emotions affect him?

5) Interpret the meaning of the title. Are the men ever relieved of their burdens?

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