Do You Agree That A College Or University Should Be Able To Promote Racial Diversity Through Its Admissions Process Why Or Why Not Discussion Help

Do you agree that a college or university should be able to promote racial diversity through its admissions process? Why or why not?

One of the biggest discussions has been whether universities and colleges should promote racial diversity in their admission processes. Diversity means to have students of all races within the university or college. The main dilemma is whether this is necessary or not. Diversity in colleges has both its positive and negative impacts. However, even though there may be some downsides to diversity in colleges, the positive impacts are more. 

One of the reasons why diversity should be encouraged in colleges and university because first of all, racial discrimination is wrong and the United States’ constitution is against any form of discrimination. Therefore, admitting college students based on their race is against the fundamental human rights of the individual and violate the constitution. Education should be made open to everyone despite his or her race (Kerby, 2012). 

At the same time, the United States is changing every day. More and more ethnic groups and races come to the country for various reasons. In fact, some of these college students were born in the United States, gone through the system just like the rest and the United States is even their home. It will, therefore, be very unfair to deny them a slot in college or university because of their race. Denying them a chance to get to college will only create a community full of illiterate and bitter people who were denied a chance of getting into college based on the color of their skin (Kerby, 2012). 

Now, take, for instance, President Barrack Obama. He is black but still became the president of the United States. Therefore, one’s color does not define their brain capacity. Just because someone is of another race does not mean he/she cannot achieve the same things as the whites. Some of the biggest brains we have studied with in school have been from other races, and they are intelligent. 

There is also the benefit of the social development of the students. During their interactions with each other, the students are able to learn a thing or two from each other. As such, they become knowledgeable in all the other cultures as well. Currently, businesses are going global and understanding foreign cultures is an important aspect of business success. When these students leave the university, they may need to start businesses in other countries and the connections they made with the students of the other races will become vital here. Therefore, discriminating on students based on their race during college admissions is not only ethically wrong but also slows down development (Kerby, 2012). 


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