East Asia South Asia And Oceania 2 Pages Plus References And Map Political Science Homework Help

  1. Select One Topic From the Following:

    1.North and South Korea Unification:Issues and Probability

    2.Geopolitical Significance of Guam and US Pivot To Asia:New Cold War?

    3.The Geopolitical Elements of PRC Foreign Policy:Confrontation or Expansionism

    4.Analyze Sino-Indian Geopolitical Tensions:Himalayan Territorial Claims and South Asian Insurgent Movements.Include brief analysis of 1962 Sino-Indian War.Alternatively you may focus entirely on a South Asian Insurgent movement(there are many).


    6.Women and society

    2 pages plus references and map. Be prepared to discuss your findings in class.

    So in total 4 pages, 10 references and maps of the first topic which is the north and South Korea 

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