Easy Reply Leadership Agree Or Disagree With 2 3 Sentences

 I have a lot of experience working in a group especially from being a leader at my job. When I first started working at my job and I had to put my team in a group things didn’t go too well because I work with a lot of older people and I am the youngest. I had to deal with a lot of attitudes and push back and that from the start was something that was stressful to me. I actually was thinking did I make the wrong decision because I noticed that a lot of the people that I was over was pretty much set in their ways. I could tell that they were pretty much use to doing as they pleased and that they all felt I was the bad guy. It was a bit weird and odd to say the least, but as time went on things began to smooth out and I got the respect that I deserved. So I would say after all everything turned out for the best and now when I am working in a group with the team that I manage they provide me with the up most respect.

agree or disagree with 2-3 sentences 

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