Economy, Finance and Banking

Create for me 2 open ended style questions.

The two question should be very creative and based off any open source news article. (Share with me the link of the article you choose to use)




Economy, Finance and Banking

Will the JP’s sponsorship of the new Super League challenge the existing financial and banking structures of the champion’s league as there is already a massive influx of the new teams joining the super league?

JP Morgan has promised the football clubs who will join the European Super League Breakaway competition a lump sum of 200-300million Euros as a welcome bonus. In a statement, the Wall Street giant said that it had set aside 3.2billion Euros to oversee the running and operation of the super league. Some of the new super leagues founding members are Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool, Juventus, Chelsea, Madrid, Totten ham Hotspur, and Internazionale Juventus, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, and Milan, the major contributors to the Champions league huge profits.  Furthermore, three more football clubs are expected to be announced in the next few weeks.

European Super League clubs promised €200m-€300m ‘welcome bonus’ | JP Morgan | The Guardian


Will the COVID 19 change performance of SMEs in the economy index due to the ongoing speed and scale of disruption in SMEs since the outbreak of the pandemic?

Given the tremendous ongoing impact of Covid19 on the economy, there will be an unprecedented shift in small and medium-sized businesses. There will be a radical transformation of the digital environment characterized by changes in business models to ensure the business’s survival during these extreme times. Additionally, there are no substantial insights into how the pandemic-induced changes in the business environment heighten the urgency to embrace the new digital technologies that were often delayed. The continuous rush and speed to fit to improve productivity and performance in an organization will transform small, medium-sized enterprises.

Impact of Covid-19 on SMEs | Daily Times (

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