Educating Staff Implementing Change Health And Medicine Homework Help


1.  Create aneducational presentation for staff before the launch of your change project.This should inform the staff of the problem, your potential solution, and theirrole in change project.

*** problem based on attached documents ***

2.  The format for this proposal will be a PowerPointpresentation.

3.  The length of the PowerPoint presentation should be 15-20slides; excluding the title and reference slides.

4.  Below are the topics for the slides:

a.  Title slide

b.  Description of the change model used

c.  PICO question—include the elements

d.  Scope of the problem—use statistics

e.  Your team/stakeholders

f.  Evidence to support your need for change—from research

g.  Action Plan

h.  Timeline for the plan

i.  The nurses role and responsibility in the pilot program

j.  Procedure

k.  Forms that will be used (if applicable)

l.  Resources available to the staff—including yourself

m.  Summary

n. References

5.  Citations and References must be included to support the informationwithin each topic area. Refer to the APA manual, Chapter 7, for examples ofproper reference format. Citations are to be noted for all informationcontained in your paper that is not your original idea or thought. Ask yourself,“How do I know this?” and then cite the source. Scholarly sources are expected,which means choose peer-reviewed journals and credible websites.


·  Length:The PowerPoint slide show is expected to be between 15-20 slides in length (not including the title slide andreference list slide).

Best Practices in Preparing a PowerPoint Presentation

The following are best practices in preparing this project.

1.  Slides should be easy to read with shortbullet points and large font. Do notuse paragraphs.

2.  Be creative, but realistic with your intervention and evaluation tool.

3.  Incorporate graphics, clip art, or photographs to increase interest.

4.  Review directions thoroughly.

5.  Cite all sources within the slide show with in-text citations, as wellas a reference page.

6.  Proofread prior to final submission.

7.  Spell check for spelling and grammar errors prior to final submission.

8.  Abide by the Chamberlain College of Nursing academic integrity policy.

Grading Criteria: EducatingStaff: Implementing Change





The Problem



Summary of change model discussed. PICO question includingelements. Scope of the problem includes statistics and scope of problem tohealthcare as a whole discussed. Team and stakeholders and their role/reasonchosen.

The Evidence



Discussion ofthe evidence is done in terms of themes. Pertinent information is summarized.Sources are not listed individually but synthesized into concepts discovered.At least four sources used (at least three peer reviews and the other acredible resource).

The Plan



Plan of action described. Important elements are discussed and logical.Timeline is thorough and contains all elements. Timeline is logicaland appropriate.

The Nurse’s Role



The nurse’s rolein the pilot plan is described and clear. Procedures for the pilotplan are clear and concise.




Form fortracking the outcomes is included. Resources the nurses will need areincluded. At least three resources are included. The nurse investigator, theteam, internet resources, or other resources the staff needs is included.




Summary slidereiterates the problem and purpose of the plan along with the measurablegoals.

Overall Presentation



Presentation is presented in a clear and logical manner. PowerPoint isappealing to the eye and includes creativity. Font is easy to read.




Includes titleslide. Grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure are correct. References areproperly cited within the paper. Reference page includes all citations. Evidenceof spell and grammar check.

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