Education Planning And Development Management Homework Help

 Reigeluth & Garfinkle (1994) – systemic change in education.  research a PreK-12 environment 

Select one of the following change agent models to create an intervention that will effectively shape the values and attitudes of those professionals within the institution to better meet the needs of the institution and connect with its strategic plan.  In addition, link your response to the Affective Domain, and ways in which changes and interventions can be associated with and assessed using that taxonomy.

  • If we are looking into a PreK-12 environment for this section of the assignment, we are looking to address “How does systemic change effectively shape the values and attitudes of the , core curriculum coordinators, principals, teachers?”
  • Affective domain to address and we can divide the above postions (3 ) and address the question above; along with the necessary interventions for the three groups that you have chosen. 
  • 4 page with reference , APA

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