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Effective communication strategy is essential to achievingeffective project integration management. Any time the goal is to integratenumerous concurrently operating activities, the role of communication becomescentral. This is because independently operating activities all come with theirown unique obstacles and challenges. Some of the obstacles and challenges areinterrelated, and they may depend on what is happening at another level of theproject. Without an effective communication strategy, design team membersseeking to overcome these obstacles and challenges may engage in activitiesthat are not cost- or time-effective.

Consider your own organization: How do project status, issues,and accomplishment information get shared? What types of information are sharedthrough documents? Through meetings? Through informal communications? How hase-mail affected the efficiency and effectiveness of projectcommunications? How has social networking affected the efficiency andeffectiveness of project communications?

Within the DiscussionBoard area, write 750-800 words that respond to the following questions withyour thoughts, ideas, and comments. Use properly APA style formatted citationsto properly APA style formatted references of solid academic quality to substantiateyour information and positions as well as to give credit to other author’swork. This will be the foundation for future discussions with yourclassmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas:

  • What role do theStakeholder Management processes play in determining stakeholdercommunication needs and developing an effective communication strategy?
  • Howdo project status, issues, and accomplishment information get shared?
  • What types of informationare shared through documents?
  • How has e-mail affectedthe efficiency and effectiveness of project communications?
  • How has social networkingaffected the efficiency and effectiveness of project communications?

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