Eleanor Rigby The Beatles Music Writing Assignment Help

1.  two paragraph reflection on your experience as you listened to the song.

2. reply to this opinions:

I feel that Russia idea of a New man was went totally against individualism. Their ideal of what was classified as a new man was nothing more than a cookie shape ideal as to how a man and woman should act like; while totally buying in to the communism agenda. They mad it a crime to be an individual while embrassing the ideal that everyone should be all the same. I think in turn however, that people began to find who they truely are while rejecting the ideal as to who they shold be.

During Joseph Stalin’s reign music and art was heavily censored. Stalin wanted to be the sole dispenser of cultural theory and ideology. During this time music and art were used to propaganda purposes and even death occurred for those composers that wrote new work. The New Soviet man/woman traits were to offer selfless devotion to the greater good. I think the idea of creating a “new person” might not have been the best idea since most of the time during Stalin’s reign fear was also used to create the new person. People had a sense of having to covert or something bad will happen to them and sometimes it was easier to just go along with the common good than to stand up against it. It does reject the ideal of individuality because it was virtually telling individuals how they should behave and think. The New Soviet Man/woman rejected the idea of individuality because even the Mass songs were teaching people about Soviet ideas and The Red Army Ensemble also toured around to spread communist ideas which was what people were almost forced to have to become.

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