Election of 1920 Republican and the Return to Normalcy

What was attractive to American voters in 1920 about the Republican message of a “return to normalcy”?
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Election of 1920, Republican and the Return to Normalcy

The end of World War 1 marked the dawn of a new America. There was a sudden sense of relief across the country. Following this, the republicans devised the message of a return to normalcy that was to eradicate and dissolve activism and idealism beliefs that dominated over the previous political regimes.  The message was reinforced by Warren Harding, who was running for presidency under the republican ticket. Harding’s speech on the need and urgency for healing, restoration, and serenity compelled the voters to endorse and usher in a Republican president. The message marked the end of trials and temptations, tribulations. It appealed to the people on the importance of togetherness, international unity, and the need for ethical foundations for a sustainable future.

Furthermore, the message surfaced at a time when peace talks and reconciliation was a top agenda for many leaders across the world. Americans felt the message came at a convenient time to build bridges with their enemies and foster national unity. It was appealing that the message advocated for social rights and gender equality and the inception of a democratic rule. For the first time on November 2, 1920, elections women cast their votes (Library of Congress). The message advocated for social justice and equal treatment of citizens.  From an economic perspective, the message delved on the importance of using resources to foster social, economic, and political change instead of the forfeited efforts of previous regimes to dominate over other countries by starting a war. In conclusion, the republic government message was adamant about restoring sanity in the government, break down the social evils eating up the system to restore the glory and pride that our forefathers had envisioned.


Library of Congress. “Presidential Election of 1920.” American Leaders Speak: Recordings from World War I n.d.



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