Elevator Speech

As discussed earlier, students will present an “elevator speech.”

This type of speech is a clear, brief message about you that communicates who you are, what you are looking for, and the benefits or value you can add to an organization. It is the kind of speech you would make to a job recruiter at a job or career fair explaining the reason you should be hired. I want to talk about my major, IT major.





















I am a college student pursuing IT as my major with medium level experience in programming and coding. I am seeking challenging opportunities that expose me to real-world problems to develop my skills further, become involved in projects, be part of a team that provides an excellent opportunity for me to learn from, and immensely build my career. I aspire to be part of an organization that is performance-oriented, growth-focused to develop as one and work towards achieving the present objectives and maintaining the esteemed status as a socially responsible organization. It is also my inspiration to be part of a team making tangible changes in society.

In the last two years, I have gained hands-on programming, advanced programming, databases, system development, and Artificial intelligence during in house workshops and a summer internship at the mayor’s office. However, I believe what makes me stand out is my passion for programming, my excellent and report writing skills, and my keen interest in information technology trends. Despite the ever-changing technology landscape, I am attentive and eager to implement new technologies to work effectively and efficiently (Anna, 2016). I value user experience, and my work ethic is based on discipline and going the extra mile in tasks assigned.

Also, I have a positive attitude towards work and an ability to roll up sleeves to achieve desired results. Apart from routine holiday and class assignments, I go the extra mile to research emerging issues in IT. Besides, I am creating a website that focuses on new and advanced technologies in the 21st century. Furthermore, I possess good communication and interpersonal skills to develop and maintain professional working relationships with my colleagues and clients.


Anna, B. (2016, January 22). Keep up! – Adapting to an ever-changing business and technology world. Retrieved from Linked in https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/keep-up-adapting-ever-changing-business-technology-britnor-guest/



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