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Now that you’ve had time to step away from your selected reading andyour analysis, it’s time toreturn to it and reconsider your approach as we enter the second half ofthe term. So far you’ve written your initial reaction to your selectedarticle (Writing Notes) and expanded on those reactions by revisitingthe article and applying active reading and analysis (Writing Plan)—now,you are at the official drafting part of the writing process.

In this guided activity, you’ll walk through the answers yousubmitted for Assignment 1: Writing Plan and expand on them byre-reading and re-evaluating your selected reading. You’ll also pulladditional quotes and paraphrases and develop summarizations that willbe used to further support your points. Finally, you’ll apply yourinstructor’s feedback from the Assignment 1 submission to thisassignment, which will prepare you for your Assignment 2: CriticalAnalysis Essay submission in Module 8. Before you work on this assignment, look over the rubric to make sure you’re fulfilling each aspect of the assignment.

Planning: First, you should re-read your selected article and jot down any newideas or reactions you have to the reading. Then open up the Worddocument that you submitted for Assignment 1: Writing Plan. Also think about how your answers mightchange now that you have had some time to step away from the reading.

Constructing: Answer the following questions to help you construct a draft of your Critical Analysis essay. (Attached)

Thank you for any help! All needed documents to complete this assignment has been attached.

Author for “In Defense of Gender” is “Cyra McFadden (1981)”

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