Essay Reflection

Here we are at the end of the quarter and there’s only one assignment left. The purpose of this assignment is for you to use the language on the essay rubric (EssayRubric.pdf) along with the course outcomes listed on the syllabus to convince me that you have learned (or at least are aware of what you were supposed to have learned) throughout this course. This is an approximately 4 page essay that uses examples from your writing to support claims about how you have developed specific skills (Critical Thinking, Rhetorical Awareness, Grammar and Usage, MLA formatting, appropriate tone for your audience, etc. Again, take a look back at the syllabus for the language about learning outcomes.). Use direct quotes from previous essays or assignments, that in your mind, best demonstrate the learning outcomes and skills listed on the essay rubric.

Some context: This assignment is part personal narrative and part argumentative essay. In other words, you and your writing are the main focal point of this essay. Do not take this opportunity to evaluate the course, complain about other students, or shower me with praise or blame as a good or bad instructor. There are other appropriate venues that I would be happy to direct you to. This essay should be showcasing what you do well with your writing for this course.

Unlike other essays, I am highly open to being persuaded in this essay. That is to say, if you can demonstrate and show that you’ve learned the various skills discussed during this class, you will significantly raise your grade here. Don’t tell me that you suck at writing or that you don’t like writing. This is a chance to sell yourself and make yourself sound like a diligent and thoughtful writer and student.

A short story: A decade ago, when I taught a similar class at WSU, I had a particularly bright student who talked themself out of a higher grade. The class used a portfolio to evaluate all of the student’s work holistically at the end of the quarter. As such, the cover letter / reflection essay was of even higher importance because it needed to introduce and discuss all of the previous essays. This student, was effortlessly headed toward an A for the course. They did all the work, they had some amazing insights when performing close readings of difficult texts. They wrote in a professional and practiced tone.

By the end of the quarter, I had no doubt they would get an A, until I read their cover letter / reflective essay, wherein the author admitted that, “I didn’t really work very closely with sources for my essays because I felt that other sources and other authors would muddy-down my own thoughts and claims.” They then provided evidence to support this claim. I was left with no choice but to give them a B+ instead of the A that they would have gotten had they followed the directions more closely.




Essay Reflection

This course provides in-depth knowledge and insights on the issues that contribute to our overall growth and success in life. It has been a significant learning curve for me, especially on the various elements pertinent to fulfil the purpose of writing. Through the comprehensive analysis of the significant elements about the English language, I have gained an in-depth understanding of the importance of integrating the needs of the audience to communicate effectively. With background knowledge on the main topics and processes surrounding the English language, it has become pertinent to acknowledge the style, format and needed to excel in this course. The goal of this essay is to explore how argumentative and personal narratives fulfil the purpose of writing.

At the beginning of the course, I was exposed to numerous information on the purpose of writing. Anchored on the thesis statement, the writer presents a persuasive and formative opening to draw the reader’s attention. In a detailed account of the narrative, the main point of focus is to prompt the reader to action. Irrespective of the narrative, the writer must establish the purpose, audience, stakeholders and the context before documentation. Ideally, the format can be a detailed account of a story in chronological order or can follow a persuasive front. However, despite the style, the end goal of the writer is to persuade the reader into action. For instance, a job seeker can opt for a personalized style during his/her job application while another person can follow a more persuasive style. Through the concise and incisive prose and style, the writer uses captivating language to keep the audience motivated and keen throughout the session.

It is pertinent to understand the goals and situations surrounding the need to write. The primary goal of a well written and well thought out topic is to convey the purpose and understanding of the case. Professional communication entails the provision and structuring of information in a user-centered design that compels the writer to think and critically analyses the underlying expectations, characteristics, goals and context of the writer. My previous essays examine the user’s preferences to highlight major points that the readers require and to make the information easily accessible and understandable. From this standpoint, it is the responsibility of the author in an argumentative essay to persuade the reader to believe the facts presented. In contrast, in the promotion essay, the reader highly relies on the essential skills and talents of the writer. From this perspective, it is evident that every level of engagement that the author presents has an audience and therefore, should curate the message to suit the audience and achieve its purpose.

Different forms of writing require authenticity and creativity to develop unique and captivating content that attracts the audience. This is mostly derived from the presentation of independent thoughts or things that provoke the audience to action. Throughout the course, I have grasped skills and tricks that I can incorporate to ensure success to bring about issue ailing the society into perspective. On a personal level, the lessons have enhanced my creativity and ability to narrate my story in ways that resonate with people. I have also become an autonomous and independent thinker in my journey (McKinney Nirvani). For this reason, I will employ careful thinking and critical analysis throughout my career to provide innovative, complex and creative approaches to solve issues and challenges (Drug Testing).

Another learning curve from this course is the need to think and critically analysis skills and talents at our disposal to improve our own lives and to contribute to the betterment of society. The course also aims at developing an informed culture anchored on knowledge acquisition and appetite for knowledge and empowerment. Through the critical analysis of the thoughts, processes surround the various topics and issues affecting the society today. We were able to curate well thought out informed pieces of information about some of the trending and hot button topics as the first approach to issues ailing the society. Throughout the course, various concepts of critical thinking were adapted to encourage careful thought towards an already established goal. Although the course presented critical thinking in differing concepts, it was of paramount importance to prepare students as their transition from school to work life.

All literary works follow certain stages in chronological order. In the initial stages of writing, we were keen to brainstorm and chose topics that align with the course objective. Notably, we were assigned topics that portray an understanding of various elements and writing styles taught in class. On the first assignment, the detailed documentation of personal narratives opened me up to the world of endless opportunities (My trip to New York). Through my narrations, I understood the power of composing coherent and concise sentences to reach your target audience. Although narratives are based on experiences or stories, it is pertinent to brainstorm and research to get credible information on the different forms of personal narration. Another significant learning curve is the ability to channel your thought processes coherently to avoid confusion or repetition. The writing process exposed to innumerable skills and tricks that I will revere on throughout my writing career.

This course delves on issues that are part of everyday life. The course seeks to investigate and draw up opinions and topics that if well documented can start conversations and change mindset. From this perspective, this course changed my perspective on writing. By utilizing resources available online and offline, it is possible to create thought-provoking ideas, questions and explanations on the diverse ways to improve our lives. Through incisive and precise prose, we can be able to fine-tune and polish the controversial subjects to convey effectively. Furthermore, when writing the personal narrative and the promotion essay, I embraced the power of individuality and its ability to drive people to action.

After a detailed reviewed of all the materials and objectives of this course, I have learnt the essence of employing simple and coherent writing style to convey the message effectively and efficiently. A well thought out essay written in simple language persuades the audience to action. For instance, the argumentative essay asserts the severity of the drug testing measures while still offering diverse recommendation to eradicate the steps (Drug Testing). On the other hand, the cohesive and chronological flow of ideas in the promotion essays creates a positive image of the author. From this perspective, it is evident that the audience will be compelled to act. For instance, a promotion essay can persuade an organization to call in a job applicant for an interview.

This course has been an eye opener. I strongly recommend this course for my junior peers as it provides awareness of the diverse ways we can better our lives through education. By writing these essays, I gained more appetite for information, knowledge by critical analyzing issues that ail our society so as to improve our general well-being for our future generations.


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