Ethical Code Of Conduct Writing Assignment 1500 Words Management Homework Help

Ethical Code of Conduct

  1. Write a 1500-1700 word essay in which you summarize your understanding of three ethics issues below:

Employee Behavior Issue – employees spending work time checking personal e-mails, using company’s equipment for personal use by printing invitation cards for wedding party, and misuse of company’s resources.
Employee Working Condition Issue
 – employers must be aware of the safety of their work environment and if they have compensated employees for all the time they have worked. The must also consider if they have required an employee to work an unreasonably long period of time or if they have him doing an unusually difficult task. Just like there are legal consequences for some unethical issues regarding employee behavior, there are also legal consequences for unethical working conditions. For example, an employer who requires an employee to work without pay or who creates an unsafe working environment can face legal action.
Discrimination and harassment Issue 
– Discrimination laws protect not only the obvious racial or sexual differences. The courts often find that the protections are applicable if the decision or action in question was based on a less familiar classifications listed at the beginning of this article. Accordingly, under 40 years old white man can be protected under the laws of discrimination if not hired because of their sexual orientation, arrest record or national origin. Even more familiar classifications as age, race and sex can lead to reverse discrimination cases say that this man was not hired because the employer would prefer a woman or an African-American, or a person over 40. In fact, the other categories themselves can produce combinations of discrimination – say that this man was not hired because he was not gay.

    • Address their current validity.
    • Identify at least two industries each issue is related to or affects.
    1. Develop an Ethical Code of Conduct and support your ideas with material from your outside research.
      • You can base this on your current/past place of work or develop a generic one.

    3.3. Create a conclusion to which you came in your analysis as to which was the ethical course of action.

    1. Please provide at least three references to support your assignment paper.
    2. Follow APA formatting.

    Here is the grading rubric.
    CriteriaDescriptionPoint Value


    Submitted by Day 7 of the week assigned

    10 points


    Analyzes three ethical issues and relates them accurately to two separate industries and discusses their current level of validity in today’s corporate world. A logical Ethical Code of Conduct was completed.

    40 points

    Quality of Analysis

    Reflects ability to integrate information and think clearly and creatively; all questions answered concisely and completely; offers sound analysis based on facts, uses a minimum of three valid resources to provide support.

    30 points


    Thoughts expressed clearly and succinctly, free of grammar, punctuation, and other errors; cites sources using the appropriate APA style guide requirements, including in-text citations, footnotes, and bibliography

    20 points

    Papers are expected to follow APA documentation rules. The APA style guide is widely available online, and you can access an APA quick reference guide by clicking the following link:

    The OWL at Purdue

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