Ethical Codes And Standards Psychology Homework Help

After moving from a big city to a rural setting, Janiceis suffering from anxiety and depression because of adjustments to thechange. She wants to seek counseling services to help her adjust. Janicehas always valued her privacy and is finding it difficult to commit toseeing a counselor in a rural setting. The community has only one mentalhealth counselor. Janice fears that if she begins counseling sessions,people will learn that she is undergoing therapy. In addition, Janice isa devoted Catholic and is aware that the counselor is a devoutJehovah’s Witness, as is most of the community. Janice is apprehensivethat the counselor might try to encourage her to convert. She isdesperate to talk to someone and does not know where to turn.

  • Identify the ethical standards of the APA or ACAcode specific to Janice’s concerns that the counselor should follow toprovide professional and ethical services.
  • Identify specific sections of the ethical code, described in your own words, which may apply to Janice’s situation.
  • Describe, using the scenario, why ethical standards are important for client progress.

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