Ethical Dilemma Assignment Help

Acme Toy Company. The R&D manager has delivered the final report on “successful” product testing of the new toy. However, in the report it is discovered that on minor occasions, the toy can break into smaller pieces. This is not only a serious problem but also a possible choking hazard for children. Pressures from investors want you to approve for production.

product development steps below, what could have been done to correct this design? Are there any steps that could be added? Should the project been stopped at any stage?

  1. Concept or Idea
  2. Is it feasible for the company to produce?
  3. Customer requirements (QFD)
  4. Functional Requirements
  5. Product Requirements
  6. Design Review
  7. Test Market. Does it meet customer requirements?
  8. Introduction to the Market
  9. Evaluation of success

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