Ethics Discussion Responds Help

Two Response Posts (RP).

  • Respond to two other students’or instructor posts
  • RPs should be 150-250 words
  • Add new content, adistinction, or hypothesis and demonstrate how this new information makes thetopic thread more clear
  • Draw attention to aconsideration that has been neglected, and demonstrate how this new informationmotivates clearer understanding of the topic
  • Students should contribute tothe discussion based on their course acquired knowledge in a meaningful way.Posts that simply agree with the IP will not be graded.

Responses will be graded forcontent, length, and level of introspection

Discussion #1

I thought this discussion was interesting knowing that we had to discuss whatethics are. I think that this can be a very big debate with everyone havingtheir own input on what ethics is to them. I think having a moral ethic issomething that everyone has in some way or another. It can be as little asknowing when to use your turn signal when making a right hand turn. Ethics is amoral idea that kinda controls a person behavior and shapes the way that theyare. I think that we can also call ethics a moral and this is different forevery person. Another good way to describe the ethic is that it can also becalled a decent human conduct and shapes each person into the way that they are.Some people may think of ethics to be defined as from right and wrong as to whatyou’re able to do and what your not. Having good ethics is what is able to makethis world go around and be peaceful. Having ethics is knowing when to talk andnot to talk. knowing when to raise your hand and wait to be called on in classto be allowed to talk. When to drive in the right lane when going slower thanother traffic. Tipping your sever the correct amount that they deserve wheneating out. Some things may be simple and comes to some natural to others.Thanks for reading my post, this is how I view what ethics are in this world.

Discussion #2

What is ethics? I believe that is determined by who you are asking. What I mightperceive as ethical another might not. Ethics is defined as what a personbelieves to be moral, a bigger sense of what is right and wrong and what oursociety will except.  There are always two sides to a situation. For example,animal activist believe it is unethical to hunt animals but hunters believe itis ethical to hunt to provide food for their families. There are more subjectsthat have bigger ethical dilemmas in the world. An example of an ethical dilemmain nursing could be when the nurse should tell the patient of his cancerdiagnosis but his family wants to keep his condition from him to spare thepatient of the distress. On one side I could see why his family would want thatbut as a nurse that would be a hard call. In the book, “The Elements of MoralPhilosophy” it had ethical situations and I could see why some of the people didwhat they did. For example the third example about the little girl Tracy wascalled a slippery slope argument because if they let the dad off easy for ” anact of mercy” then more people might believe that they could get off easy ifthey murder a handicap person or an elderly person. “Similar “slippery slopearguments” have been used on other issues. Abortion, IVF, and human cloning”.(pg.10) Because of these slippery slopes we have to take caution on how theseviews are portrayed or things could get out of hand and lines get blurred.

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