Explain Six Lasting Legacies Of The Confucianism For Contemporary East Asia Political Science Homework Help

  1. Explain six lasting legacies of the Confucian traditions for contemporary East Asia(sources: lectures, Yao) 

I need a 8 pages paper containing quotes from my instructors lectures and a book called (An Introduction to Confucianism) by Xinzhong Yao. I included the pages that have things related to the legacies.

Please cite two or three quotes from my instructor’s lectures. You can find the legacies at the end of lectures 3 and 4 that I uploaded. I also want to have three or more quotes from the book. Everything should be cited following the MLA style. 

Please Please Please do not include anything taken from other sources. I will have to turn in this paper online and my school is very serious about plagiarism. We are not allowed to get anything from other sources or previous papers. 

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