Explain Why Thunderstorms Are Most Common In The Early Afternoon And Evening 75 Words At Least

1. Recall from your reading about thunderstorm basics to answer: Explain why thunderstorms are most common in the early afternoon and evening. 75 words at least

2. In your own words, explain how air would circulate around the globe if the Earth were not rotating. 75 words at least 

3.Recall from your reading about air masses to answer: A warm front is predicted to come through your area tomorrow. What weather should you expect? 75 words at least 

4. What type of air mass would you likely find forming in Arizona? 75 words at least 

5. Discuss the major factors that influence the global distribution of precipitation. Give examples of desert regions and tropical regions and explain why these climates are found where they are.

Your response should be at least 200 words in length. 

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