Fast Fashion Is A Contemporary Term Used By Fashion Retailers 4 Pages Essay Help

“Fast Fashion”is a contemporary term used byfashionretailers to express that designs move from the catwalk quickly in order to capture currentfashion trends.Fast fashionclothing collections are based on the most recent fashiontrends presented atFashionWeek in both the spring and the autumn of every year.

In no more than 5 pages, share your thoughts on the trend of fast fashion, it’s sustainability and it’s impact (pros and cons) on the supply chain. Provide your opinions both as a consumer and a future supply chain leader. I’ve attached this article to get you started.

No more than 5 pages, not including the cover and works cited pages. I’m expecting college-level writing – DO NOT submit a paper full of cut & paste quotes.

Arial (11) Calibri (12) or Times New Roman (12)  font; 1 inch margins, cover page, works cited page (no more than 4 references; 3 preferably – see warning above re: quotes).  –at

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