Final Project Creating Your Own Communication Based Organization Assignment Help

Written Component: 10pages(double spaced)

This project requires that you develop your own organization from the ground up. As part of this 10-12-page paper, you/your pairwill:a. Create an organization: Determine a name for your organization, explain what the mission statement of your organization is, and describe what it is that your organization is responsible for. You should be both creative and descriptive here. Spend 1-2 pages describing your organization. Your mission statement should be fully written out and included as an appendix. You can reference the mission statement in the body of the text as you describe your organization.b.  

Describe Organizational Communication: Explain how communication helps employees “get things done.” This is your chance to put together everything that we have talked about this semester and show me that you understand it all works together to create a real, functioning organization. Think back to the beginning of the semester, when we talked about organizations as a “system.” If you think of the organization as a “body,” the lifeblood flowing through the body and making it work is communication.  Make sure you explicitly discuss topics from class and readings.  Avoid generalizations and overstatements: be specific, concise, and directed. You should cover a minimum of seven of the topics we have discussed throughout the semester.

Describe the flip side:No organization is perfect, and no organization enacts perfect communication. This is a reality of life. Examine how poor communication might negatively impact both the organization and individual employeesby talking about four potential pitfalls related to four of the communication topics you covered.  Wrap up this section by talking about how the organization can overcome these obstacles.

Writing Specifications: Citations from in class (text/lesson) and outside sourcesare necessary to support your points. Make sure that your paper has an introduction and conclusion. Pay attention to grammar, word choice, and sentence structure. You will be graded on content as well as your writing ability. Use my edits to your other assignments to guide your writing of the final paper.Use APA style for formatting, references, and in-text citations. See the rubric for details.See the rubric for specific requirements.


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