Financial Statements Accounting Homework Help (1)

Your reply needs tobe at least 200 words in length, use peer-reviewed sources or the text tosupport your response. Personal opinion alone will not earn credit. You caninclude personal opinion, work experience tosupport your response, but be certain to use some type of peer-reviewedsource(s) or the text to support your response. Dot com sources may not earnany credit, so please avoid them. Anyone may use a dot com source, and thatis not considered scholarly. Please understand that I alone determine if yourpost is substantive. Each response mustbe 200 words with only peer reviewed and scholarly references.

1. Differentiate between users, purpose, andcontent of financial statements. Why is this important?

2. Address the 3 items that comprise the regulatoryenvironment (SEC, FASB, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act). What are some positive andsome negative elements of these 3? Do these 3 affect your organization? Includesome positive and negative of each item as they apply to your organization.

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